Whether you are just receiving a potential case or you are already knee-deep in medical records, we are here for any medical aspect of your caseload.


Case Screenings  : 1 hr
Consultation Meeting

Let us screen the case to help you eliminate
the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits.

Analysis : 1 hr
Consultation Meeting

Medical records can be overwhelming and confusing for those who do not work with them on a daily basis. Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CM) are experts in analyzing medical records of all sorts, both electronic and paper records. We not only analyze the records, but we “translate” them to make them relevant and applicable to your case. We analyze medical records in conjunction with hospital policies and procedures to determine adherence to, or deviation from, appropriate standards of care. Let us help you uncover the facts hidden in the medical records today!

Independent Medical Exams :1 hr
Consultation Meeting

Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) are one of our most popular services. We record exactly what time the exam begins and ends, and take notes on all questions asked and assessments performed by the practitioner. This provides you with a “fact witness” to the exam, in case you need to counter the physician’s report. We also testify to what we observe, as the case requires.


 Reports and Chronologies : 1 hr
Consultation Meeting

Because not every detail in the medical record applies to your case, our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CM) are experts at summarizing the record in a report with the details you need, and no more. These reports and chronologies highlight significant medical events and how they fit into your case, without bogging you down in tedious and inapplicable aspects of the medical record.

Locating Expert Witnesses: 1 hr
Consultation Meeting

Medical cases are often referred to as a “battle of the experts.” It is crucial to your case that you have the best, and the most appropriate, medical expert witnesses. As a member of the National Alliance for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CM), we have access to a national directory of medical experts. As medical experts ourselves, we can identify the exact type of expert you need for your case, and locate the best expert in the nation. Don’t let this resource go to waste!

Research : 1 hr
Consultation Meeting

As medical experts, we here at B. Durham & Associates know the difference between authoritative medical literature that can strengthen your case and the Internet “junk” that leaves you empty-handed. We have access to some of the best medical libraries in the world, and medical literature is our forte. We find the authoritative information you need, and “translate” it so you can use it to bolster your case.












Further Services Include:

  • Detecting Tampering of Medical   Records
  • Helping Assess Injuries and Identifying Causation Issues  and Contributing Factors
  • Organizing and/or Paginating
  • Medical Records
  • Assisting with Interviews of   Clients, Key Witnesses, and Experts
  • Preparing Questions for Deposition or Trial Examination   (Direct or Cross)